Founded in 2009; we are an Education Non Profit Organization that seeks the use of knowledge from students and professional to share it; to create a knowledgeable society; sharing the knowledge multiplies the possibilities of human beings to develop better; to improve their community and to share with each other those capacities. 

Social Educators
Partner with us; we have a platform in which high skilled professionals and university students can provide with free knowledge to the community; teach them how to drive, how to get a job, weld, how to start up a formal business, create a web page; etc; knowledge that can be shared. We have a commitment towards education but not just basic education; also we want to share our values and let people know how to behave properly in other to better their lives; a key element of the social adaption and sense of community. 

To fund our ideas and values by promoting social educators to give talks to universities, industry and other organizations that can afford paying for that knowledge that it is been given. Calyptra does not receive a profit of any kind; we are a non profit and our Managers, Leaders and Partners take their personal time to share and provide their knowledge to the community. 

Our Values

Sustainability       Responsibility         Honesty        Transparency         Freedom          Thought         Expression        Excellence        Work       Entrepreneurship